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Hiring Chiropractor In Fort Myers, FL at Active Health Knee and Shoulder

Fort Myers, FL Full Time

Fort Myers, FL-Are you an expert in knees and shoulders? If not, would you like to be? Are you looking

Hiring Doctor For Integrative Clinic In Sarasota, Florida at Family Chiropractic

FL Full Time

Sarasota, Florida –  Integrative Wellness Centers (formerly Family Chiropractic Inc.) is an established practice that is continuing to expand and

Hiring DC In Bothell, WA (Seattle) at Bothell Chiropractic and Wellness

Bothell, WA Full Time

Hiring Doctor of Chiropractic in Bothell (Seattle), WA ~ $5000 Signing Bonus Bothell, WA-Are you tired of applying for associate

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  • Hiring Doctor Of Chiropractic In New Jersey

    Garden State Family Chiropractic
    • Full Time
    • Posted 3 days ago
  • World Class Chiropractic Hiring In Ellicott City, Maryland

    World Class Chiropractic
    • Full Time
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Hiring Doctor of Chiropractic in Growing Phoenix, Arizona Practice

    BackFit Health + Spine
    • Full Time
    • Posted 3 weeks ago
  • Doctor Of Chiropractic Needed In Growing New Jersey Practice

    Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth
    • Full Time
    • Posted 3 weeks ago
  • Hiring Doctor Of Chiropractic In Fort Pierce, FL

    Gilmore Chiropractic Associate Chiropractor needed ASAP
    • Full Time
    • Posted 1 month ago
  • Hiring DC In Bothell, WA (Seattle)

    Bothell Chiropractic and Wellness
    • Full Time
    • Posted 1 month ago
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I have worked with Stephanie Rozenhart and ChirosConnect twice. We attracted a phenomenal associate as a direct result. The interview format is a creative way for candidates to get a “feel”  for who we are. Stand out from the rest of the classifieds out there. Stephanie then uses her many resources including Facebook and various job posting forums to disseminate your opportunity. I absolutely recommend ChirosConnect for any DC looking to attract their next great associate! Thank you ChirosConnect!

As a chiro student quickly approaching graduation, it was time to start putting serious thought into what my next step would be upon entering chiropractic profession. I was in contact with a handful of docs looking to hire associates, but after numerous calls, emails, and working interviews I had yet to find an office that was the right fit for me. After hitting several dead ends, I decided to take a different approach in order to find the right position. While researching other avenues into the hiring chiropractic community, I stumbled across Dr. Stephanie and her work with Chiros Connect. I reached out and explained my situation and was surprised when I received a response back so quickly. She eagerly informed me of some options I had, of which included a video chat that would be recorded and posted to the site for lots of hiring docs to see. She walked me through the entire process which ended up being very simple, and within a few days I was connected with 3 wonderful docs that were interested in discussing their open associate position with me. Because of Dr. Stephanie and Chiros Connect, I found an awesome associate opportunity and I start shortly after graduation! Thank you, Dr. Stephanie!

Dr Alisha Squires-Samples

Have you put your associate or IC ad in all of the tradional places and asking the question of is there any more creative ways to get my position infront of more people and in different inventive ways? If so, ChirosConnect is your answer. It provides for a place for thousands of chiropractors and chiropractors-to be to actively see your ad and also an opportunity to innovatively be interviewed with a video. Dr. Stephanie is organized and very talented in making you feel comfortable and asks the right questions during the interview to give you an opportunity to shine. The video give you the chance to fully dive into explaining your needs, location and insights!