Dr Stephanie Rozenhart Arbet started her career as a maternity coverage doctor, turned associate and eventually a private practice business owner. She has been practicing since 2001 and can sympathize with both sides of the hiring equation. Her passion lies in bridging this gap to create a successful experience for both the hiring doctor and the associate doctor. Dr Stephanie loves seeing purposeful connection that works! What started out as a quest to find a better way to hire has turned into a full fledged, tried and true method that has helped to streamline the planning, seeking and hiring process. She has consulted with and helped hundreds of doctors hire their aligned-fit doctors.

There’s a reason chiropractors from all over the US seek out Dr. Stephanie Rozenhart Arbet, D.C. to become masterful at finding, hiring, training, and managing top performing associates to meet their biggest and boldest practice goals and why the best associates want to work with doctors that ChirosConnect represent.

At the start of Dr. Stephanie’s career she worked as an associate in a high-volume, multi-million dollar clinic before opening up her own practice together with her sister, Dr. Jennifer Rozenhart - co-owner of Close for Chiro - in the heart of Silicon Valley earning the title of Best Chiropractor for 7 years in a row.

Seeing how doctors struggle to find, hire, train, and manage associates to have the capacity and time to grow their practice, expand their impact, and just be able to take a vacation, Dr. Stephanie set out to reinvent the doctor-associate relationship for lasting and mutual success, profitability, and respect.

Bringing together her decades of entrepreneurial success, her empathetic accuracy, and her social intelligence, Dr. Stephanie has designed one of the most dynamic doctor-associate connection process that delivers perfectly aligned collaborations again and again and again.









- Dr. Dan B.

ChiroConnect will revolutionize how Chiropractors find associates and how associates find their new homes